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  1. Pay before you play. No exceptions. (Either a membership or a day pass).

  2. Have your membership card with you at all times.

  3. No cursing in any language.

  4. No black-soled shoes, marking shoes, or high-heeled shoes on the red mats.

  5. Clean up after yourself. Do not leave water bottles and trash in the playing area.

  6. Return all chairs against the wall and do not leave them within the playing area.

  7. Return all barriers to their proper places.

  8. Brown cardboard barriers are for authorized learning tree coaches only.

  9. Members are not allowed to occupy any table for more than one hour during peak hours. No exceptions. 

  10. Respect the learning tree's hours of operation.

  11. If you damage Learning Tree property, you must reimburse the club.

  12. Lessons & Classes have priority over open play.

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